San Jacinto Republican Women

405 Wafer Pasadena TX. 77506

Phone 281-2062623




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  1. On Friday, November 4, 2016 7:25 PM, Paul Ryan wrote:
    Hillary Clinton’s campaign is floundering.
    Even though she’s under TWO separate FBI investigations, Hillary continues to insist she’s suitable for our nation’s highest office. The arrogance is astounding.
    The American people are finally fed up with Hillary and her Democratic enablers . . . and the polls are evidence.
    Just days before the election, Hillary’s numbers are tanking, forcing Democrats into self-preservation mode.
    This is our opportunity to go on offense.
    With a Republican House majority, we can ensure that Hillary and every Democrat who enabled her corruption will answer to the American people — but it requires your support.
    Please help us elect Republicans who will not tolerate this behavior any longer: Donald Trump will be your next president of the USA, for WE THE PEOPLE! Us baby boomers out number all who vote. We wont let Hillary take over. But you need to vote. You know the right choice

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